Yoga Retreat

Our busy lives often leave little time for us to prioritise our health and wellness. Our CUSTOMIZED MINDFUL retreats will help you de-stress and feel nurtured from the inside out. Both gentle and active yoga practices with delicious, nourishing food will bring a sense of inner peace and renewal. Days dedicated to self care will help you slow down and develop a positive connection to yourself on a deep level. Connecting with like minded individuals and creating a community as we explore ourselves while we get lost amidst the beauty of nature.

The daily yoga practices, meditation and pranayama, delicious organic meals and beautiful natural surroundings are all there to support you during your time here. You leave the retreat balanced, refreshed and with the tools to help you stay on track and support your self-care and a healthy lifestyle.

You can choose the dates that best suit your company’s schedule and together we’ll find the perfect location for you anywhere in the world depending on whether you want a longer getaway or just a short weekend break closer to home. Prices vary depending on the duration and location of the retreat.

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