Yoga teacher

Namrata Sharma gained her 500 level Yoga Certification under the guidance of Grandmaster Arjun Goswami, CEO – Yoga Alliance International. She’s a great teacher and extremely enthusiastic about Yoga and specializes in different yoga forms like transformational, hatha, ashtanga, meditation and kids yoga as well.

Her teaching style has always been appreciated by her students. She’s been practicing yoga past few years now and for her Yoga is not only about gaining physical flexibility and strength but also achieving mental and emotional stability.

Being a mother of three growing up kids she understands the importance of yoga at various stages of life and how it can transform one’s life in positive direction. She strongly believes that there’s no right age to start yoga, it’s the time when your mind, body and soul desires to be in sync striking a right balance among themselves. Her ultimate goal is to achieve Self-Realization through Yoga.