Yoga Teacher

Passion & the pursuit of knowledge know no bounds, fortunate are those who can seamlessly integrate their passion into a fulfilling career. My journey towards spiritual enlightenment led me to the profound practice of Yoga. Despite exploring a home baking venture, my heart drew me towards undertaking a Yoga TTC. It proved to be one of the most transformative decisions of my life. The path of yoga has illuminated my existence in ways I could have never imagined.

As a certified yoga teacher, I love to guide my students through mindful movements, breath work & meditation fostering inner peace & physical vitality. Alongside, being a certified Sound Healer I facilitate transformative experience that promote relaxation, release & energy balance through the therapeutic singing bowls.

Outside of my practice I find solace in nature, reading books & exploring new recipes. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share the transformative power of yoga & sound with my students & invite them on a journey of self-discovery & transformation one breath & one vibration at a time!